pHluid Engineering & Design  

VirtuType - Virtual Prototype

Physical prototypes can be expensive when you are approaching numerous companies. With a virtual prototype (VirtuType) you can send thousands upon thousands of people to your own personal website, or pHluid's hosting page, where your clients can experience the product in 3D. Our digital prototyping technology allows users to showcase, spin, zoom, animate and measure your product.

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  • Integrate your Virtutype into your website, display during a presentation, trade show, or have manufacturers assemble your product in real time around the world.
  • VirtuType has all of the same benefits of a CAD program: exact measurements and dimensions, the ability to rotate, zoom or expand any area of the invention design but does not require any external download or special software.
  • Your clients will have ease of access with our VirtuType� as it runs off of Java. This platform is by default integrated into nearly all web browsers.

Our VirtuType has saved many of our clients thousands of dollars by using our digital prototype in place of expensive physical models. When approaching and pitching numerous interested parties for investing, licensing or manufacturing, simply send them to your own personal website.

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