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Document Control

Windchill ProjectLink delivers comprehensive project management and execution capabilities, enabling effective collaboration by your extended product development team regardless of location. Globally dispersed teams, and the continual need to meet customers' expectations, time-to-market targets, and quality goals necessitate effective collaboration.

With Windchill ProjectLink, companies can securely harness the talents and energy of the entire team, inside or outside of your firewall. Through a self-administered virtual workspace, Windchill ProjectLink provides project management capabilities and access to accurate product information at the right time, keeping your team aligned, on track, and moving forward.

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Project Information Management

  • Provides folder-based storage and controlled access to specifications, CAD models, design notes, manufacturing plans, part definitions, bills of materials and more
  • Optionally add Windchill PDMLink for comprehensive product content management, out-of-the-box change management procedures and support for key business processes
  • Document check-in/check-out with iteration history
  • Document and template standardization
  • Automated or ad hoc routing of documents and parts for review and approval
  • Access control rules for individual documents, parts and folders
  • XML-based import and export of project information to and from other projects, corporate enterprise systems or other exchanges
  • Create, review, distribute and track packages of Windchill managed information (e.g., documents, parts, CAD models, associated meta data) for sharing with external partners

Integrated with Other Applications

  • Supports Pro/ENGINEER, Arbortext, CADDS, AutoCAD, CATIA V4, CATIA V5, Inventor and SolidWorks
  • Support for major ECAD packages from Mentor, Zuken, and Cadence
  • Drop-down menus within Microsoft Office applications
  • Bi-directional Action Item interoperability with Microsoft Excel
  • Download and upload data with Microsoft Project
  • Microsoft Outlook email and meeting integration
  • Optionally integrate with Rational ClearCase to share binaries or software code

Windchill - Document Control

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