pHluid Engineering & Design  

About pHluid Inc.

pHluid Inc. offers Engineering solutions to assist in product design through manufacturing. pHluid brings the engineering skill and expertise to successfully design, analyze, and engineering products ranging from Aerospace, Defense, Biomedical, Motorsports, and consumer products.

Our services include scientific engineering (R&D, failure mode analysis, system development, process design), industrial design, mechanical engineering, electronics engineering, regulatory documentation (for ongoing projects), and prototyping/model making, and Reverse Engineering.

Our approach is to view projects holistically. We believe that technical product development requires a system level perspective, one that combines the efforts of necessary resources from the start. At pHluid, feasibility, engineering, design, and implementation are coordinated by our project managers as integrated processes, not stand-alone services.

Since we are not a manufacturer, ISO Certification and registration does not apply to our organization. Anyone who contracts with us is responsible for maintaining records that demonstrate design control. Our design and documentation process gives us the flexibility to adapt to each of our client's internal system requirements. It allows us to respond swiftly during all phases of development. Our Quality System follows the model of the International Standards Organization (ISO) 9001, and the EN 46001. Based on our client's requirements, we can reference our Quality Manual and relevant operating procedures that will inform them about the specific controls that are implemented to assure our quality of service.

Turn-Key Engineering Solutions

pHluid offers complete project management. From the beginning preliminary design phase, through to the final product from the manufacturer, pHluid will follow every aspect of the product development. pHluid design philosophy is "if we can model it, we can make it". At pHluid's disposal is a complete machine shop with a CNC 4 axis mill, lathes, tubing bender, welder, Plasma table, and a CMM with a Scan Shark V5 laser scanner. pHluid's reverse engineering capability can digitally reconstruct an infinite variety of real world shapes from 3D scan data and create accurate models that capture either the design intent or the as-built part. From product design, re-engineering, mass customization, engineering analysis, rapid prototyping and digital archiving, pHluid opens up a new world of possibilities by accelerating your design process

Quality Control

pHluid utilizes the implementation of its own QA manual but also digitally inspect as-built versus as-designed parts. You design in 3D, so why not inspect in 3D?

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pHluid utilizes the latest software that enables fast, accurate, easy-to-understand graphical comparisons between CAD models and as-built parts for first-article inspection, inline or shop-floor inspection, trend analysis, and in-depth assessment. Typically this precise instrumentation is only used in aerospace, but pHluid believes the client deserves the best process for the very best part. As a design requirement, pHluid incorporates the highest level of quality into every part that is design and engineered. pHluid keeps lot checks with suppliers to verify dimensional tolerance falls into a six sigma process.

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