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Sales Sheets are one of the single most important tools in your arsenal to find licensors, manufacturers and distributors. These companies use Sales Sheets to filter through the hundreds of products and services they evaluate. At trade shows, invention Sales Sheets are a necessity, and outside of trade shows, these act as a mini-brochure, business card and material information sheet. Use our three tiered approach to get the quality and business you need out of your Sales Sheets.

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  • Hook - Eye-catching graphics and specific color-oriented designs are used to excite and draw in the observer to your sales sheets.
  • Educate - After you have "hooked" your viewers attention, educate your audience on the special features and benefits of your invention. Your invention's Sales Sheet should invoke the idea of "wow, why didn�t I think of that!"
  • Contact - Finally, spur your reader to action by getting them to pick up the phone. The reverse side of the Sales Sheet contains details and specifications about your product invention including answering basic questions and providing them with your contact information.


  • Brochures
  • Fylers
  • Literature
  • Catalogs
  • Advertisements
  • Sales/Fact Sheets

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