pHluid Engineering & Design  

Turn Key Design and Fabrication Services

What is unique about Phluid and valuable to our customers, is we consider ourselves to be a "One Stop Shop" company. When it comes to reverse engineering and prototype development, Phluid has the unique capability to design, fabricate and test both new and redesigned existing products.

CAM Services

Computer Aided Machining utilizing Pro NC. Seamless integration between CAD and CAM programs. Tool paths are easily updated when part modifications are made. Phluid utilizes a 3 axis VMC for all prototype CNC work. Utilizing Project link, the files can easily be held to document control regulations and transferred to a production machine shop.


  • Casting Design (Outsourced Production- Die Cast, Investment Cast, SLA Burnout, Rapid Cast)
  • Forging Design (Outsourced Production)
  • Plastic Injection Design (Outsourced Production)
  • CNC Machining and Turning, and post processing
  • Engine casings, internal components and Cam design (broaching and gearing production outsourced)
  • Tube design and fabrication
  • Part tooling, jig fixturing, weld fixtures
  • Motorcycle Rim and Wheel design
  • SAE and DOT legal conformance
  • Fine Element Analysis with Pro Mechanica for part strength verification
  • Computational Fluid Dynamic Analysis
  • Welding- Tig, Mig. (Welding of Stainless, titanium, Aluminum, Steel)
  • Vibration and load testing analysis. Work with testing for pressures, and strain gauge analysis.
  • Sheet metal parts engineering and design
  • Sheet metal Stamping (outsourced for production)
  • Complete part Reverse Engineering and point cloud manipulation

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